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An edition] pathologies

An edition] pathologiesWhen use epiduralny anesthesiaTo this type of anesthesia it is preferred at existence at the woman in labor of heavy forms of late toxicosis, ekstragenitalny [ Ekstragenitalnaya being out of the sphere of genitals.

An edition] pathologies a hypertensive illness, heart diseases, a disease of respiratory organs, high degree of a miopiya [ Miopiya shortsightedness a disease at which the person badly distinguishes the subjects located in a long distance.


In what advantages epiduralny benzocaineEpiduralny anesthesia can become the real rescue if there are violations of patrimonial activity, which severe pain not so peculiar to normal physiologic childbirth accompanies.

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Grain semolina

Grain semolinaSOUFFLE SEMOLINATo cook on water with milk cream of wheat, to add in it sugar, butter, an egg yolk, to mix, carefully to enter i protein.

Weight m in the oiled form and to finish to readiness on pair.

Grain semolina milk ml, water ml, eggs piece lj, sugar butter g.

SOUFFLE SEMOLINA AND CARROTTo cook on water semiviscous cream of wheat, to add in it the kindled butter, i a yolk, i with sugar and i it is delicious, the carrots rubbed on a small grater.

Everything is good for mixing' and into the received weight carefully to enter i protein.

Weight to shift in the oiled form and to place on minutes on a water bath.

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But how such

But how such Round it those who looks after constantly him in the house.

Usually it is mother or the grandmother.

On a share of other members of the family seldom there is a place on paper.

Quite often children even in drawing represent, as they are ill, and near them those who sponsors them vsedenno and nightlon is more true constantly.

But how such plot seemed to us sad sometimes, patient prefers it to paint after all warm colors.

Education as kronprinets.

Kronprintsa the first draw things.

The world of materialism surrounds them from all hundred literally since the birth, the materialism world, instead of the world Day.

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Spoiled there

Spoiled there Besides, some children develop quicker and are ready to pass to other food about one year though it happens infrequently.

Chest feeding after a year If you nurse the child who already has some, you can have a concern, whether you spoil the child, whether is your behavior manifestation of feeling of a sobstvennichestvo, whether there is a child too dependent.

Spoiled there is that or that that remains unaddressed is spoils.

Any woman much nursin assures that chest feeding has with it no anything the general.

The feeling of a sobstvennichestvo assumes that to the child let's do that is necessary for it because you would like another.

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After that

After that To insist within hours.

To filter through a sieve or a gauze, to add g of sugar and to cook to readiness.

To use for aromatization of tea, water and soft drinks.

SYRUP AROMADandelion flower glasses, collected in a sunny weather to lay in the enameled ware and to fill in with two glasses of water, to add the crushed lemon without a dried peel and to cook within an hour on small fire.

After that to add a ready syrup , l of water and g of sugar to finish to boiling and to pour in a buttka for storage.

To use for aromatization of tea and other drinks.

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If the mucous

If the mucous At small children the most widespread reasons of a diarrhea are gastroenteric infections, cold, intolerance of food, reaction to antibiotics.

More often owing to an infection children have a gastroenteritis.

If the mucous membrane of intestines is infected, recovery goes very slowly.

Mucous contains million the smallest ledges through which the liquid food moistened with intestinal juice is soaked up.

When such shchetkoobrazny mucous membrane is infected, pishchevagotelny enzymes, as a result food are surprised also passes on intestines, without being digested; the word diarrhea also occurs from Greek diarea to stream through.

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