The fighter, the tease, it does

The fighter, the tease, it does At times it seems that in it inside there is eternal a tel who does it tireless.

The kid choleric person will ram all barriers and if it is necessary, will fight a lava about a wall, but will reach the top and while the highest peak.

The fighter, the tease, it does not know sensation of fear and a butterfly flies on fire.

And, , again the wings are continued also by the begun business when it is necessary for it, but not always finishes.

To it suddenly literally on the middle to put an end, that to monasteries that did not yet deserve.

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In an approach

In an approach In posts concrete foodstuff is permitted and certain types of food are not resolved.

In an approach of Christian religion to a food the reasonable principle of moderation with refusal of extremes is traced gluttony and neglect about flesh saturation.

The post physical, i.


refusal of food, according to religious literature, is not end in itself.

It only help to spiritual improvement, refusal of rage, envy, lust, etc.

Therefore the church does not object to mitigation of food n of a post for people sick or taken with hard physical work, or being out of door, in a way, and also for children, pregnant women and feedin specifying thus that the illness is higher than a post physical, but the spiritual post extends and on patients.

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Overheat Do not take in a bed of the child if you are under influence alkoGaulle, a tranquilizer or any other means lowering your sensitivity to presence of the child.

Avoid an overheat.

It can happen, if the child at first tep wrapped up and laid in a cot, and then transferred to the parents which bodies became a superfluous source of heat.

Overheat signs see on page Do not put the child on a soft featherbed it can bury in it naked howl too deeply.

It is more than place, it is less to people.

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From Martha's diary

From Martha's diary Usually time of the termination of feeding coincides with time when in any case starting to go the child wean though there are mothers who want to continue feeding by a breast, and there are children, with a special need in feeding by a breast, but some women continue to nurse during pregnancy.

From Martha's diary Once, when I was pregnant Erin, ours trebuyushchy special care daughter Haden declared I any more do not love milk.

I will wait, while the baby will be born, milk again becomes good, then I will feed with it the kid.

When I nursed Erin and was pregnant Matthew, I asked Haden Why you want to feed the kid You after all have no milk, the truth She answered with a wide smile upon the face To me all the same.

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Eggs piece, milk

Eggs piece, milkThe frying pan can be placed on About minutes in an oven.

Eggs piece, milk ml, butter g.

OMELETTE THE NATURAL STEAMEggs to break in ware, to add milk, salt, to shake up, in the oiled form and to place on a water bath.

Eggs piece, milk ml, butter g.

OMELETTE NATURAL STEAM WITH MEATBoiled meat to pass through a meat grinder with a small lattice.

Eggs to wash, break in ware, to salt, add milk, to shake up, m the crushed meat.

Weight in the oiled form and r an omelette on pair.

Eggs piece, meat boiled milk ml, butter g.

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