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The fighter, the tease, it does

At times it seems that in it inside there is eternal a tel who does it tireless.The kid choleric person will ram all barriers and if it is necessary, will fight a lava about a wall, but will reach the top and while the highest peak.The fighter, the tease, it does not know sensation of fear and a butterfly flies on fire.And, , again the wings are continued also by the begun business when it is necessary for it, but not always finishes.To it suddenly literally on the middle to put an end, that to monasteries that did not yet deserve.

In an approach

In posts concrete foodstuff is permitted and certain types of food are not resolved.In an approach of Christian religion to a food the reasonable principle of moderation with refusal of extremes is traced gluttony and neglect about flesh saturation.The post physical, i.e.refusal of food, according to religious literature, is not end in itself.It only help to spiritual improvement, refusal of rage, envy, lust, etc.Therefore the church does not object to mitigation of food n of a post for people sick or taken with hard physical work, or being out of door, in a way, and also for children, pregnant women and feedin specifying thus that the illness is higher than a post physical, but the spiritual post extends and on patients.


Do not take in a bed of the child if you are under influence alkoGaulle, a tranquilizer or any other means lowering your sensitivity to presence of the child.Avoid an overheat.It can happen, if the child at first tep wrapped up and laid in a cot, and then transferred to the parents which bodies became a superfluous source of heat.Overheat signs see on page Do not put the child on a soft featherbed it can bury in it naked howl too deeply.It is more than place, it is less to people.

From Martha's diary

Usually time of the termination of feeding coincides with time when in any case starting to go the child wean though there are mothers who want to continue feeding by a breast, and there are children, with a special need in feeding by a breast, but some women continue to nurse during pregnancy.From Martha's diary Once, when I was pregnant Erin, ours trebuyushchy special care daughter Haden declared I any more do not love milk.I will wait, while the baby will be born, milk again becomes good, then I will feed with it the kid.When I nursed Erin and was pregnant Matthew, I asked Haden Why you want to feed the kid You after all have no milk, the truth She answered with a wide smile upon the face To me all the same.

Eggs piece, milk

The frying pan can be placed on About minutes in an oven.Eggs piece, milk ml, butter g.OMELETTE THE NATURAL STEAMEggs to break in ware, to add milk, salt, to shake up, in the oiled form and to place on a water bath.Eggs piece, milk ml, butter g.OMELETTE NATURAL STEAM WITH MEATBoiled meat to pass through a meat grinder with a small lattice.Eggs to wash, break in ware, to salt, add milk, to shake up, m the crushed meat.Weight in the oiled form and r an omelette on pair.Eggs piece, meat boiled milk ml, butter g.


To us the thought is hated that society can be so selfconfident to dictate to us whom we should become, how and when.And what violence! Boys in the middle of the night select at mothers, frighten to semideath, force to execute lifethreatening rituals, their bodies intentionally will cripple, spoil with hems and all this for the sake of life.Commitment to such customs seems to us a sign of primitiveness, superstition, a past remnant.Whether but so considerably everything changed today Let's say we got liberty to speak, operate, work, have a good time, to communicate with neighbors and to bring up children how it is pleasant to us, observin of course, laws of the state and personal standards of behavior.

And then

For sons everything if mother is present at their life only before the moment when they will show readiness to begin transition to other party of a barricade see is better.And then mothers need to be taken a hand of the son and to enclose it in a fatherly palm or in a hand of other man, and after that to recede on a step aside.Irrespective of, how many to the son of years, mother always remains for it an important and necessary support of the house it defines that is possible and that it is impossible, always it is possible to talk to it and about the arisen problems, and about policy, she will always give advice in love, will feed and will console, if something happened.

If the woman

What can be position of the woman in labor during fightsPosition of the woman in labor during fights can be various.One women prefer to stand, others to go.And it is quite admissible, if there are contraindications because of abundance of water, no mnogoplodny pregnancy, high arterial pressure etc.Relaxation during fight not less important.If the woman clamps pain, is held down, disclosure goes more slowly, and sufferings will last more long.Therefore it is important to think that with each fight a meeting with the longawaited child everything is closer and that too is necessary it hardly.

In younger

Before school formation summer of a brush almost comes to the end, creating preconditions to training of the child.Muscular system.In younger preschool shoulder muscles, before and only by six years muscles of hands first of all develop.In this regard the delicate work fingers is not possible to children, and to train in the letter it is possible only after six years, and such for a nyatiya should be shortterm for exhaustion avoidance yet the got stronger muscles of hands.

Lift tooth

The beatenout milk teeth cannot be implanted.If tooth broke, having left keen edges, the doctor can fill a tooth.Second teeth, on the contrary, can be implanted, but for this purpose it is necessary to meet certain conditions.Lift tooth for the top part not for a root!.If tooth very dirty, carefully wash out it water, ship in a saliva of the child in the closed packing and send to the dentist.Do not wash out the injured or beatenout tooth with soap as it can damage its roots and exclude implantation possibility.


And then, when the head will appear again, exclaimYes here it! Exercise performance bicycle when you put on panties the kid, serves as good training for muscles of the child and learns it to help you during this moment.Putting on a boot, tickle to the kid, to his pleasure, a leg he will stretch it to you once again more willingly.When you put on trousers the child, it, helping you, itself will lift a foot and when will see that you are going to put on it a shirt will take aside a hand.


From grain products use white white stale yesterday's loaf, white crackers, not rich cookies, a biscuit.I peep to children sick with HG with normal or increased secretion of a stomach, it is desirable to salt insufficiently a little, and spices are necessary for excluding in general.Depending on age of the child it is recommended to include in a daily food allowance daily ml of milk, g of butter, g of vegetable oil, g of sugar, g of fresh fruit, g of potatoes, g of vegetables, g of grain including pasta, g of white bread including all types of bakery products.times a week on g a day give cottage cheese, not strong cheese use those days when in the menu there are no cottage cheese dishes.

Use i and meatkostnikh

For children till years it is best of all to cook first courses on a basis i, fish, i broths, and also milk to which in i ratios add various vegetables, grain, pasta.Use i and meatkostnikh of broths is undesirable, as they contain very large number i i the substances rendering expressed, n as coffee, exciting action on nervous system.For the same purposes after that, Rebenkl as meat, the chicken or fish began to boil, it is necessary to merge the first broth, and meat to fill in with boiling water and to cook soup already on the second broth.

Let not home, but only

Ma is ready to make a compromise with the manager or the nurse, he even asks the nurse.let not home, but only that would withdraw it from group that took away quickly from these not able to behave children.No, he does not want and cannot be on friendly terms with them.It are importunate, intolerable and sting more feasibly than a swarm of bees.Was at home how more simply, when he spent all days one.As soon as your kid will manage to come into at last ny contacts in the group, all shifts adaptable yes will begin to decline and it will be an important step to a zaver to a sheniye of all process of adaptation at your child.

How you think, whether

If you have a child with the increased inquiries, whether it can satisfy his requirements In this case, probably, you should pay more.How you think, whether it is necessary to carry the child on hands What, how it seems to you, it is most of all necessary for the child in it a cart raising If you will be assured of care and flexibility of the candidate, you will have a feeling that you can entrust this person of the child.Pay attention, how the nurse behaves with the child naturally or all this is affected.It is important, as the child behaves with it.

If your child

Accustom it to remain with a table while he chews and swallows.ATTENTION! That the child did not choke, do not allow to run to it I to play with food in a mouth.If your child constantly scatters a tray or throws it on a floor, means, it is still too small and dependent, therefore during feeding it is necessary to look after it.In years of children it is possible to teach not to touch a tray, not to dump it, not to drop and not to drag on all house.Good behavior result of good feeding The behavior of the child and his feeding are often interconnected.

Being the doctorpediatrist, I often

It will help parents to make a right choice.It is easy to forget an illness, if it any more does not disturb us.Our grandmothers and the grandfathers who have grown during a doprivivochny era, remember children living in the neighbourhood suffering from poliomyelitis.Being the doctorpediatrist, I often met painful barking cough of children sick with whooping cough.Are live in my memory and children with brain violations owing to postkorevy encephalitis when yet there was no protivokorevy vaccine.Let's not forget and about children with the congenital violations which mothers during pregnancy suffered a rubella.Thanks to emergence of vaccines the majority of such awful diseases departed in the past.

He studies

Your silly pot bothered! Separately it is necessary to talk about schooling of the child to a pot.In a year and a half the child already acquires some skills of neatness.He studies it gradually at first intestines, then a bladder if in the afternoon he already learned to restrain, at night still urinates in a bed are disciplined.It is necessary to accustom it to a pot, as at this age children possess sufficient and necessary physical and informative abilities to learn it.It is important thus as you yourselves will move! How you treat it quietly or show impatience, the child will learn it more or less quickly.

G of a dried

To pour in butshka, to cool.g of a dried dushitsa, l of water, g of honey.PREVENTION OF DISEASES OF THE CHILD OF JOINT STOCK COMPANY HIS ROZHAYENY TEA COLLECTING WITH DUSHITSA parts of flowers dupshets, parts of a St.John's Wort, parts of mint peppery, part of petals of a pshpovnik, part of IUioo of a pshpovnik.To make instead of tea.FROM SALAD IVAN TEALeaves and stalks of a young plant lower on r in boiled water, a knife, add onions and a horseradish, salt, mix and fill with sour cream with addition of lemon juice.On g of young escapes Ivan tea r g of green onions, tablespoons of a grated horseradish, g of the sour cream, one quarter of a lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

For others

Man's motives can be expressed differently, but kicks, tychka and verbal aggression are widespread among boys in all cultures of the world.One reach excessively in use of physical force to what constantly growing number of the juvenile criminals condemned for violent crimes and rapes testifies.For others it is simpler to put the aggression into words as it happens in pointless house disputes or on speech occupations in a class that, of course, has more creative character.I have a quiet and sensitive son.He does not participate in boyish fights and dumps.But it becomes similar to the madman as soon as turns on the computer.

Whether you gave

If at survey you did not find any of the listed reasons who could explain crying of the child, pass to the following stage.Whether you gave to the child of any food new to it If you nurse the child, whether you ate the food causing formation of gases, for the last some hours see page If the child is on artificial feedin whether you changed mix structure Whether you gave to the child new firm food see page about food allergy and page about a meteorizm at children.Your child still did not calm down If survey did not reveal any reasons of medical, physical or allergic character, try to calm the child as follows.

They even

between the majority of subjects and the phenomena.The child of the back to you hundred thousand why and only because to itself them sets much more are constant .Your duty to support in the child inquisitiveness and to awaken it, that number of questions constantly age .But remember that superficial communications between the various natural phenomena are more available to children.They even are satisfied by simple analogy and the reference to an example.that does not need to overload so the childhood world with the huge erudition though in answers it is necessary to lean on everything especially intelligence of the kid.

For the period

If daily he swallows only some crumbs of such paint, it will lead to lead poisoning.To remove a dust from old paint from window sills and other quickly being erased surfaces, wipe their detergenty with the raised content of phosphate.Repair in the house.If you update the old house, be convinced that predstavitel of repair and construction office who will be engaged in it, know, how it is possible to remove all remains of old paint carefully.For the period of repair remove the child from the house and get the vacuum cleaner povytire filtering ability for removal of a lead dust the vacuum cleaner can be hired.Especially carefully clear old entrances and verandahs there always there is a lot of old paint.

There are moderately

So, for example, the import belong to very expensive products of baby food Antireflux, BeechNut, Semper, Danon, Gerer, cHIPP, Myurinaga of BF , Nutramigen, Pepti Yunior, Pikomil, , Friso , Human, EnsulakM, Enfamil.All of them quality, but not all on a pocket.There are moderately expensive products of baby food Check, Heinz, Nutrilak and Nutrilon, Pilti, Prosobi, Similak, Turreli and some other.The majority of them do not concede on quality expensive , simply producers are closer Finland, Sweden, J.Among cheap products for baby food it should be noted a row domestic enough quality Alesya, ., Oh ENTSIKLOPEAIYAFOOD OF THE CHILDbushkino bast basket, Baby, Bifilakt, Bifilin, Vitalakt, Nitrilak, Subject.

It is noticed

Allergic reactions, i at an upagrebleniye of vegetables, fruit and berries, are generally connected with not albuminous components a squirrel there A FOOD AND HERBAL MEDICINE by AETYA AT VARIOUS DISEASES practically is not present.It is noticed that the allergy can as on separate grades r or vegetables red grades of apples, and on green reactions are not present, and on the whole related groups.From fruit more often allergic .an action cause m more oranges and tangerines, in the smaller lemons and grapefruits.

It also is those

Its handles and a leg will twitch, being as though straightened after a dream.It also is those pushes and kicks which you felt recently in a stomach Now you can present that occurred at you inside.When newborns sleep or are in rest, they keep polozhescientific research institute to which got used in a parent belly There was not so spacious, therefore they closely press to themselves handles and legs, podvorachivy under itself a foot Lying on a stomach, newborns can turn a head exactly so to release a nose for breath.

When you decide

He allows you to carry out with the child the most part of free time from work and quickly to reestablish communication with it after separation.When you decide to combine education of the child and work, this style of behavior let's arise distances between you.Read Work and parent duties in which it is in more detail described how it is better to keep in contact with the child after your appearance at work.I believe that style of rapprochement will benefit our family but when I read books or I speak with people opponents of this method, I fill to doubt.

In games in football

The plan to Klyuchalsya in, that Clare and Mick did nolaroidny an instant, when twins behaved well, for th to show that they meant a floor the good Small angels.In games in football James became angry and tried to hit the father.To it clearly told that if it will make it again, he will not participate in game.When he took offense, cm ignored, and game proceeded without is not present.Having excluded James from game and having continued to take the having a good time Jessica's pictures which bury behaved, Clare and Mick showed to James that new rules They are established created at it a clear idea if you have anger attacks, you will not have a good time.

What it is necessary

It is concluded So, we hope, you already understood, dear parents, if want to have the healthy child, it is necessary to take care of it while it yet that that was not born but only it is predicted, having provided all necessary for improvement of your organisms.What it is necessary to emphasize once againThe first and, likely, the most important the child should be nursed as it is possible more long while there is a milk; it will save it from a set of troubles and at children's age, and then when it becomes adults.The second a food both pregnant, and feedin and, of course, the child should be the most various that will allow not only to provide an organism with all necessary substances, but also will prevent allergy development.

Without reminders

Issis it was immediately involved in food, the N when seemed that it ceases to eat, to Ivette asked to deliver again carefully a plate before it, without giving any comments.Without reminders that it should eat, Issis of g pleasure returned to the plate in the course of conversation When it stopped, Ivette G.We eat ! to asked to ask You gorged on instead of more rigid phrase You finishedDuring some moments it was a little difficult, the N to me was necessary to bite to itself tongue when she played the fool and Ivette later told.On in comparison with the previous process of food intake it estimated the on points from possible Within the next two weeks Ivette should estimate the nervousness on a tenmark scale after each process of reception of a niche.

Whether it is possible

It is forbidden to woman to visit a sauna and a bath, if at it an acute inflammatory disease with temperature increase; recently there was an operation; the complicated pregnancy interruption threat, before the placenta lyin raised Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONpressure; coronary heart disease; hypertensive illness of II and III stages; bronchial asthma; epilepsy; oncological disease.Whether it is possible to keep animals in the house where there lives the pregnant womanPets can be very useful to us.It is noticed that owners of cats and dogs are quieter than people who have no pets.They better sleep and are less subject to risk of cardiovascular diseases.

That her fouryear

But it lost sight of that.that her fouryear son swore at it to draw of it attention as he did not receive a praise in cases when really behaved well.When Lisa started to give to Kieran more attention and began to look at it is more interested, he started to calm down, and when it, eventually, took it with itself and the city, it behaved remarkably.They will not changeNigel Prays one more parent, whose opinion on his children if it did not call into question, could Small angelsto undermine any attempts to change their behavior.Miles, Herbie and Ella, seven, five and three years respectively, never went to bed in time and often videos in the general bedroom to o'clock in the evening looked.

Salads from

Salads from crude vegetables with vegetable oil, salad from sea cabbage, a dish from vegetable marrows, eggplants, a beet, fermented and fresh tomatoes are useful.Poslablyayushchey action is rendered eaten in the morning on an empty stomach by the grated carrots, the drunk glass of the curdled milk, cold water or cold fruit or vegetable juice, and also an upoorebleniye of dishes and the drinks, which temperature below °.It is possible to fill in in the evening for a long time daily with boiled water in a glass of pieces of the washedup dried prunes and to leave it for the night in the refrigerator, and let's to the child eat on an empty stomach prunes in the morning and to wash down it with cool infusion.

In it a lot of angelic

And at the same time we bring up with you static a benka as if stiffened in game stand, and ourselves we convince how not to bring up, when the kid in our world not innocent, spinning patterns of own destiny.In it a lot of angelic there is also something from the imp.The good retoucher who will be replaced by education dabs is necessary for it.They correct, they add the denny scheme of all qualities of the child, aspiring to make ny all virtues and somehow them to put in the forefront.But there is no guarantee that in your good child the rascal suddenly will not wake up.The education we only achieve in a standard ny conditions of standard actions , standard thoughts , standard views , a standartnost , standartnost of ideas, having forgotten that our kid absolutely not standard.

And very

And if at the child really any store chesky, instead of the sharp illness, a cult it everything eclipses in to and the care of the kid such mothers with the father as the most sacred ceremonies, blaming itself and all around that their child is sick.And very often to advantages lick at the kid the desperate hopelessness accumulates.Therefore, if you suddenly treat parents of such grade, remember that yours suspiciousness and timidity are transferred to the kid, as well as uneasiness, a swarm your child can intuitively guess existence of a cat.Therefore all fears for a state of health hide somewhere at heart and do not give a sign that they disturb you, especially in the presence of the patient.

However to pregnant

Holiday for the second and works can be provided the next years at any time working year according to sequence of providing the annual paid holidays, established in this organization.Whether holiday can be replaced with monetary compensationEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONUnder shopping mall Russian Federation article the part of the holiday exceeding of calendar days, according to the written statement of the worker can be replaced with monetary compensation.However to pregnant women such replacement is not allowed.On what works application of work of women is limitedApplication of female work is limited on a hard work and works with harmful and or dangerous working conditions, and also on underground works, except for not physical works or works on sanitary and consumer services.

Look attentively, on what

Decide that for you it is more important.You work to support a family Or the luxury which for a while it would be possible to refuse is necessary to you No material values can be more valuable than you to the child.Look for possibility as much as possible time, everything is desirable, to give to the child, at least the first years.Economy.Look attentively, on what money in your family is spent.Some people got used to consider each kopek, and one such thought infuriates others why they should limit themselves in everything.

The woman

What poses most are suitable for occupations by sexBecause of increase in a tummy for future mother are acceptable not all positions.The woman cannot lay down on a back after weeks of pregnancy, development of a syndrome of squeezing of the bottom hollow vein as this vein takes up weight not only a uterus with a fruit, but also the spouse is possible.Knee and elbow situation also is not absolutely comfortable because of load of a waist.Therefore, probably, it is necessary to pick up other poses.It is better to future mother to lie on one side or to take a position from above.

It is still

That is why you are compelled to happen in such places as my therapeutic office, and to communicate with the people similar to me which one presence to you is hated.You after all very much want, that we disappeared from your life Subsequently it became at us an introduction Well and what mountain you put on the way for this week and what put out of the way Over time John learned to avoid unnecessary troubles and to build the life more suitable it to taste.It is still very evasive and cunning.But now What Moves Mountains arrives in law school.

The red ring

Here we give the receptions, allowing to distinguish and correctly to wash various vysypaniye.Allergic ring.The red ring round back pass of the child result of food irritation is similar to rash round a mouth at inclusion in a diet of a new food product.Surplus of a citrus and products from wheat here the main irritants.Stop to give the products causing suspicion, and look, whether the allergic ring will be gone.It can be necessary and to you to refuse the use of some products if you nurse the child.

Parents, especially

Temperament of the child responsibility of parents As we already spoke, in each kid from the birth a certain level of requirements is put.He has the different means of behavior forcing parents to respond a smile, a cooin a look, desire to nestle on the adult.Strongest of these means shout.Parents, especially mother, initially possess defined sposobnos to care of the kid.With high requirements it is necessary for education of the child, that the parental care corresponded to level of these inquiries.The child actively influences behavior of parents that helps them to choose optimum style of parental care.

It is possible

From the received weight to form and to weld them on a water bath.Meat cottage cheese eggs piece I, butter g.CUTLETS CHICKEN PARONYEFrom a breast and legs of chicken to skin, remove sinews, films and to prepare from chicken meat and soaked wrungout white loaf kotletny weight, to create cutlets and to boil on pair.It is possible to put them in the oiled small pan, to add a little water and, having densely closed a cover, to put it in a big pan with boiled water.To boil to readiness minutes.Meat chicken bread white milk ml.CUTLETS MEAT PARONYEMeat to pass through a meat grinder, to mix with soaked in water and wrungout white loaf, once again to pass through a meat grinder, to shake up, gradually adding cold water, to create cutlets.

An edition] pathologies

When use epiduralny anesthesiaTo this type of anesthesia it is preferred at existence at the woman in labor of heavy forms of late toxicosis, ekstragenitalny [ Ekstragenitalnaya being out of the sphere of genitals.An edition] pathologies a hypertensive illness, heart diseases, a disease of respiratory organs, high degree of a miopiya [ Miopiya shortsightedness a disease at which the person badly distinguishes the subjects located in a long distance.Edition].In what advantages epiduralny benzocaineEpiduralny anesthesia can become the real rescue if there are violations of patrimonial activity, which severe pain not so peculiar to normal physiologic childbirth accompanies.

Grain semolina

SOUFFLE SEMOLINATo cook on water with milk cream of wheat, to add in it sugar, butter, an egg yolk, to mix, carefully to enter i protein.Weight m in the oiled form and to finish to readiness on pair.Grain semolina milk ml, water ml, eggs piece lj, sugar butter g.SOUFFLE SEMOLINA AND CARROTTo cook on water semiviscous cream of wheat, to add in it the kindled butter, i a yolk, i with sugar and i it is delicious, the carrots rubbed on a small grater.Everything is good for mixing' and into the received weight carefully to enter i protein.Weight to shift in the oiled form and to place on minutes on a water bath.

But how such

Round it those who looks after constantly him in the house.Usually it is mother or the grandmother.On a share of other members of the family seldom there is a place on paper.Quite often children even in drawing represent, as they are ill, and near them those who sponsors them vsedenno and nightlon is more true constantly.But how such plot seemed to us sad sometimes, patient prefers it to paint after all warm colors.Education as kronprinets.Kronprintsa the first draw things.The world of materialism surrounds them from all hundred literally since the birth, the materialism world, instead of the world Day.

Spoiled there

Besides, some children develop quicker and are ready to pass to other food about one year though it happens infrequently.Chest feeding after a year If you nurse the child who already has some, you can have a concern, whether you spoil the child, whether is your behavior manifestation of feeling of a sobstvennichestvo, whether there is a child too dependent.Spoiled there is that or that that remains unaddressed is spoils.Any woman much nursin assures that chest feeding has with it no anything the general.The feeling of a sobstvennichestvo assumes that to the child let's do that is necessary for it because you would like another.

After that

To insist within hours.To filter through a sieve or a gauze, to add g of sugar and to cook to readiness.To use for aromatization of tea, water and soft drinks.SYRUP AROMADandelion flower glasses, collected in a sunny weather to lay in the enameled ware and to fill in with two glasses of water, to add the crushed lemon without a dried peel and to cook within an hour on small fire.After that to add a ready syrup , l of water and g of sugar to finish to boiling and to pour in a buttka for storage.To use for aromatization of tea and other drinks.

If the mucous

At small children the most widespread reasons of a diarrhea are gastroenteric infections, cold, intolerance of food, reaction to antibiotics.More often owing to an infection children have a gastroenteritis.If the mucous membrane of intestines is infected, recovery goes very slowly.Mucous contains million the smallest ledges through which the liquid food moistened with intestinal juice is soaked up.When such shchetkoobrazny mucous membrane is infected, pishchevagotelny enzymes, as a result food are surprised also passes on intestines, without being digested; the word diarrhea also occurs from Greek diarea to stream through.

Recently this

MIX CHOICE Earlier parents at a choice of a mix relied only on a doctor's advice.Was considered unethical to advertize a mix, addressing directly to roto ditel.Recently this rule was broken some firms making mixes, started to advertize them, addressing to a wide range of consumers.The American academy of pediatrics condemned such practice, and we podderzhivaI eat their point of view.As well as in other cases, when medical council is necessary to you before choosing a mix, consult with the doctor.To you can offer some mixes on a choice.Begin with a mix on the basis of milk.

For example, Emily

She does not understand that fouryear children are incapable to think over emotional impact of their behavior on other people.Kieran simply argued with it to draw to itself attention.It is important to understand that your reaction to behavior of the child can be in a bigger measure reflection of your representation that occurs, than that the child really feels.Nervous parents can interpret anger, as severe emotional pain, and a hysterics as deeply taken roots vulnerability.For example, Emily Soyleks constantly had hysterics who very much tired her parents.Every time leaving the house without the daughter, Jane tested sense of guilt because of her tears.

The list

There is a set of the milk pumps intended for ispolzovaa niya in different circumstances and for mothers which way of life strongly differs.The list of milk pumps is provided on page , you can use it as a starting point, but as milk pumps are constantly improved to satisfy the most different needs of modern mothers, we recommend to address for the newest information to the expert advising you in chest feeding.What you can face, when will start to collect milk on work When you will start to pump out milk, be not upset, if in the beginning results are very modest.Having practised, and for mines some ounces ounce about ml can pump out the majority of mothers.

As the mix is acquired

The schedule of feeding of children being on artificial feeding Children being on artificial feedin it is easier to transfer to feeding according to the schedule.As the mix is acquired more slowly lumps of proteins more dense, intervals between feedings usually it is more.There are two ways of feeding of babies feeding according to the requirement we prefer to speak on the signals submitted by the child when of the child feed each time when his small vividly wants food, and feeding according to the schedule when the child feed at certain o'clock for all day, usually each hours and when awakening at night Feeding on signals satisfies the child, feeding on hours creates convenience to you We prefer to use the term a usual order of feedin instead of more rigid the feeding schedule.

The brushed

In total that in it boils, rages, bubbles and even bly in a condition to break through through asphalt, it in soul hiding places that did not disturb.On the feelings which are in full swin will put cranes.More truly, you will put them, that heat and cold.The brushed child himself will help you his character and with a root pulls out weeds.The brushed child from time to time reminds us the distilled water without color, a smell and taste.But in it there are no also bacteria.It will not be injurious to health.

Method of feeding

Syringes For an additional food of newborns it is possible to use a syringe .In our center for chest feeding we used a stomatologic syringe with bent kanyuly, additional milk decanted or a mix from which was injected into a mouth of the child during feeding by a breast or finger sosaniye if on to the reason the child could not suck a breast.Method of feeding by a syringe at a simultaneous sosaniye of a finger especially on to fathers who can finish feeding the baby after feeding by a breast.Let's to the child suck a tip of your forefinger of , inches , cm fathers and mothers with large fingers usually use a little finger and enter the syringe end into a corner of a mouth of the child along a finger, injecting additional milk while the kid sucks a finger.

What bra to preferDuring

at pregnancy to carry often do not recommend, but nevertheless many women do not see an occasion to change to the habits.from synthetic fabrics also are not recommended, they can cause irritation, besides, they promote violation of normal microflora.What bra to preferDuring pregnancy under the influence of hormonal changes mammary glands and fatty fabrics of a breast start to increase promptly in the sizes.Approximately to the th week it considerably bulks up and starts grow literally not on days, and on hours.

Being based

Generally speakin vomiting something is in any case better socalled than dry vomiting.Step the fifth restore a normal diet.Being based on you a diarrhea razhennost, a condition of the child and a doctor's advice, approximately in h after an initiation of treatment you can pass to half diluted with solution of electrolits to baby food, in h to normal baby food, and between and h to a former diet of the child, continuing to feed within several days him in often and small portions.Before the complete termination of a diarrhea do not give to the child of cow milk, replacing it with yogurt.

The fibber

Look, how it covers a mouth with a hand, even two, probably, trying to stop such way a stream of words of lie.Here he looks away from you, strenuously blinks.Whether signals of his eyes as if .Pupils are narrowed and extend.It is raised.On cheeks at it a flush.The fibber exaggerates everything.It is inconsistent, and in the head its continuous confusion.Apparently, it not under prepared for deception, and preparation an important detail, truthfully enters a cat of paradise into a role.The role is possible also if your kid is able to operate the emotions which are giving out a lie.

Your experiences

Do not worry because of a disorder while your child learns to eat independently, and do not wipe it constantly.The ego will make a situation intense and will lead to emergence of a vicious circle.Years should create a disorder to study.Your experiences about it should not be reflected in children.Small How to make food intake pleasant pastimeThe food is remarkable possibility in order that allmembers of the family spent time together and talked, so try.at least, sometimes is together if it is possible.Good habits concerning food.acquired in the childhood,can turn into healthy habits on all life.Food and food process Involvement of your children to cooking will increase their interest to new, unfamiliar food.

Give it a spoon, and to itself

It not the whim and not prank, means, time simply came to allow it to boss a spoon independently.Give it a spoon, and to itself take another, and let the kid accustoms.After several attempts obviously not too successful he will think that Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONit is not enough to have a spoon in a hand, it is necessary to be able to use it.Here your help is required.Show it, as it is correct to address with a spoon to inform it to a mouth and not to spill, not to spill out food.

You the viewer. You the partner, you a performance

It is possible

Fetoskopy's J quite risky procedure as in % of cases can provoke an abortion.Therefore this research is carried out only when identification, and also defect treatment at a fruit has much bigger value.Ultrasonic research scanning of a fruit.This method gives the chance to watch development of the child on change of the sizes of its head, a trunk, extremities.It is possible to define the provision of a placenta in a uterus, obvity umbilical cords, to reveal anomalies of development.Ultrasonography allows to define pregnancy terms in weeks, to correct tactics of maintaining pregnancy, to predict the course of childbirth, to choose a way of a rodorazresheniye.

Fathers make

But indirectly they participate in feedin supporting and podbadrivy mother of the child.One of such fathers with pride told me I cannot nurse, but I can create a situation which helps my wife to feed the child.And happy mother does happy the kid.Fathers not only I help to nurse the child and not only substitute mother when it is necessary for it to leave.Fathers make an irreplaceable contribution to education of own child.Your child will love you not less, than mother, or perhaps and more strongly, specially.A role of the careful father as anything else, turns you into the mature man.

As surgical

Your adviser should have experience with such children.As surgical intervention will correct a shape of a lip or the sky usually operation do at the age from till months, you need to hold on only early months, operation will not be made yet.Adopted child If there is a desire, there will be also a way of its implementation.Yes, you can nurse the adopted child; a lot of persistence, some special adaptations and the help of the expert in chest feeding is required.When we wrote this book, Martha nursed our foster daughter, Lauren.We consulted at many mothers who successfully nursed the adopted children, using a method of a stimulirovanny lactation.

Style of care

Let's put, they have no splash in hormones caused by pregnancy and the birth of the child, well and what On my supervision, many foster mothers are going to have a baby with such impatience that quickly make up for shortage of biological regulators.For one parents the love to the child comes at first sight, for others it is gradual process.Style of care which you practise, influences how your relations develop.Style of the rapprochement which supporters we are, is especially important for reception parents.Try to take from it so many receptions, as much as possible.

Rule try to establish

Soon the structure of day of this family looked more controllable, and the schedule which they entered, brought Small angelsto emergence of quieter and organized atmosphere in the house.Now it became simpler to make concrete changes in behavior.Rule try to establish concrete time for food and Spa and divide duties between parents.If children know that occurs, they will feel happier.Walk with themAs well as Sue Enzhsll, many parents, whose children behave badly, get to a vicious circle because never walk with them, being afraid that they will not obey.


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