Spoiled there

Spoiled there Besides, some children develop quicker and are ready to pass to other food about one year though it happens infrequently.

Chest feeding after a year If you nurse the child who already has some, you can have a concern, whether you spoil the child, whether is your behavior manifestation of feeling of a sobstvennichestvo, whether there is a child too dependent.

Spoiled there is that or that that remains unaddressed is spoils.

Any woman much nursin assures that chest feeding has with it no anything the general.

The feeling of a sobstvennichestvo assumes that to the child let's do that is necessary for it because you would like another.

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After that

After that To insist within hours.

To filter through a sieve or a gauze, to add g of sugar and to cook to readiness.

To use for aromatization of tea, water and soft drinks.

SYRUP AROMADandelion flower glasses, collected in a sunny weather to lay in the enameled ware and to fill in with two glasses of water, to add the crushed lemon without a dried peel and to cook within an hour on small fire.

After that to add a ready syrup , l of water and g of sugar to finish to boiling and to pour in a buttka for storage.

To use for aromatization of tea and other drinks.

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If the mucous

If the mucous At small children the most widespread reasons of a diarrhea are gastroenteric infections, cold, intolerance of food, reaction to antibiotics.

More often owing to an infection children have a gastroenteritis.

If the mucous membrane of intestines is infected, recovery goes very slowly.

Mucous contains million the smallest ledges through which the liquid food moistened with intestinal juice is soaked up.

When such shchetkoobrazny mucous membrane is infected, pishchevagotelny enzymes, as a result food are surprised also passes on intestines, without being digested; the word diarrhea also occurs from Greek diarea to stream through.

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Recently this

Recently this MIX CHOICE Earlier parents at a choice of a mix relied only on a doctor's advice.

Was considered unethical to advertize a mix, addressing directly to roto ditel.

Recently this rule was broken some firms making mixes, started to advertize them, addressing to a wide range of consumers.

The American academy of pediatrics condemned such practice, and we podderzhivaI eat their point of view.

As well as in other cases, when medical council is necessary to you before choosing a mix, consult with the doctor.

To you can offer some mixes on a choice.

Begin with a mix on the basis of milk.

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For example, Emily

For example, Emily She does not understand that fouryear children are incapable to think over emotional impact of their behavior on other people.

Kieran simply argued with it to draw to itself attention.

It is important to understand that your reaction to behavior of the child can be in a bigger measure reflection of your representation that occurs, than that the child really feels.

Nervous parents can interpret anger, as severe emotional pain, and a hysterics as deeply taken roots vulnerability.

For example, Emily Soyleks constantly had hysterics who very much tired her parents.

Every time leaving the house without the daughter, Jane tested sense of guilt because of her tears.

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