However to pregnant

However to pregnant Holiday for the second and works can be provided the next years at any time working year according to sequence of providing the annual paid holidays, established in this organization.

Whether holiday can be replaced with monetary compensationEdited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONUnder shopping mall Russian Federation article the part of the holiday exceeding of calendar days, according to the written statement of the worker can be replaced with monetary compensation.

However to pregnant women such replacement is not allowed.

On what works application of work of women is limitedApplication of female work is limited on a hard work and works with harmful and or dangerous working conditions, and also on underground works, except for not physical works or works on sanitary and consumer services.

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Look attentively, on what

Look attentively, on what Decide that for you it is more important.

You work to support a family Or the luxury which for a while it would be possible to refuse is necessary to you No material values can be more valuable than you to the child.

Look for possibility as much as possible time, everything is desirable, to give to the child, at least the first years.


Look attentively, on what money in your family is spent.

Some people got used to consider each kopek, and one such thought infuriates others why they should limit themselves in everything.

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The woman

The womanWhat poses most are suitable for occupations by sexBecause of increase in a tummy for future mother are acceptable not all positions.

The woman cannot lay down on a back after weeks of pregnancy, development of a syndrome of squeezing of the bottom hollow vein as this vein takes up weight not only a uterus with a fruit, but also the spouse is possible.

Knee and elbow situation also is not absolutely comfortable because of load of a waist.

Therefore, probably, it is necessary to pick up other poses.

It is better to future mother to lie on one side or to take a position from above.

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It is still

It is still That is why you are compelled to happen in such places as my therapeutic office, and to communicate with the people similar to me which one presence to you is hated.

You after all very much want, that we disappeared from your life Subsequently it became at us an introduction Well and what mountain you put on the way for this week and what put out of the way Over time John learned to avoid unnecessary troubles and to build the life more suitable it to taste.

It is still very evasive and cunning.

But now What Moves Mountains arrives in law school.

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The red ring

The red ring Here we give the receptions, allowing to distinguish and correctly to wash various vysypaniye.

Allergic ring.

The red ring round back pass of the child result of food irritation is similar to rash round a mouth at inclusion in a diet of a new food product.

Surplus of a citrus and products from wheat here the main irritants.

Stop to give the products causing suspicion, and look, whether the allergic ring will be gone.

It can be necessary and to you to refuse the use of some products if you nurse the child.

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