Whether it is possible

Whether it is possible It is forbidden to woman to visit a sauna and a bath, if at it an acute inflammatory disease with temperature increase; recently there was an operation; the complicated pregnancy interruption threat, before the placenta lyin raised Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONpressure; coronary heart disease; hypertensive illness of II and III stages; bronchial asthma; epilepsy; oncological disease.

Whether it is possible to keep animals in the house where there lives the pregnant womanPets can be very useful to us.

It is noticed that owners of cats and dogs are quieter than people who have no pets.

They better sleep and are less subject to risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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That her fouryear

That her fouryear But it lost sight of that.

that her fouryear son swore at it to draw of it attention as he did not receive a praise in cases when really behaved well.

When Lisa started to give to Kieran more attention and began to look at it is more interested, he started to calm down, and when it, eventually, took it with itself and the city, it behaved remarkably.

They will not changeNigel Prays one more parent, whose opinion on his children if it did not call into question, could Small angelsto undermine any attempts to change their behavior.

Miles, Herbie and Ella, seven, five and three years respectively, never went to bed in time and often videos in the general bedroom to o'clock in the evening looked.

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Salads from

Salads from Salads from crude vegetables with vegetable oil, salad from sea cabbage, a dish from vegetable marrows, eggplants, a beet, fermented and fresh tomatoes are useful.

Poslablyayushchey action is rendered eaten in the morning on an empty stomach by the grated carrots, the drunk glass of the curdled milk, cold water or cold fruit or vegetable juice, and also an upoorebleniye of dishes and the drinks, which temperature below °.

It is possible to fill in in the evening for a long time daily with boiled water in a glass of pieces of the washedup dried prunes and to leave it for the night in the refrigerator, and let's to the child eat on an empty stomach prunes in the morning and to wash down it with cool infusion.

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In it a lot of angelic

In it a lot of angelicAnd at the same time we bring up with you static a benka as if stiffened in game stand, and ourselves we convince how not to bring up, when the kid in our world not innocent, spinning patterns of own destiny.

In it a lot of angelic there is also something from the imp.

The good retoucher who will be replaced by education dabs is necessary for it.

They correct, they add the denny scheme of all qualities of the child, aspiring to make ny all virtues and somehow them to put in the forefront.

But there is no guarantee that in your good child the rascal suddenly will not wake up.

The education we only achieve in a standard ny conditions of standard actions , standard thoughts , standard views , a standartnost , standartnost of ideas, having forgotten that our kid absolutely not standard.

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And very

And very And if at the child really any store chesky, instead of the sharp illness, a cult it everything eclipses in to and the care of the kid such mothers with the father as the most sacred ceremonies, blaming itself and all around that their child is sick.

And very often to advantages lick at the kid the desperate hopelessness accumulates.

Therefore, if you suddenly treat parents of such grade, remember that yours suspiciousness and timidity are transferred to the kid, as well as uneasiness, a swarm your child can intuitively guess existence of a cat.

Therefore all fears for a state of health hide somewhere at heart and do not give a sign that they disturb you, especially in the presence of the patient.

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