It also is those

It also is those Its handles and a leg will twitch, being as though straightened after a dream.

It also is those pushes and kicks which you felt recently in a stomach Now you can present that occurred at you inside.

When newborns sleep or are in rest, they keep polozhescientific research institute to which got used in a parent belly There was not so spacious, therefore they closely press to themselves handles and legs, podvorachivy under itself a foot Lying on a stomach, newborns can turn a head exactly so to release a nose for breath.

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When you decide

When you decide He allows you to carry out with the child the most part of free time from work and quickly to reestablish communication with it after separation.

When you decide to combine education of the child and work, this style of behavior let's arise distances between you.

Read Work and parent duties in which it is in more detail described how it is better to keep in contact with the child after your appearance at work.

I believe that style of rapprochement will benefit our family but when I read books or I speak with people opponents of this method, I fill to doubt.

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In games in football

In games in football The plan to Klyuchalsya in, that Clare and Mick did nolaroidny an instant, when twins behaved well, for th to show that they meant a floor the good Small angels.

In games in football James became angry and tried to hit the father.

To it clearly told that if it will make it again, he will not participate in game.

When he took offense, cm ignored, and game proceeded without is not present.

Having excluded James from game and having continued to take the having a good time Jessica's pictures which bury behaved, Clare and Mick showed to James that new rules They are established created at it a clear idea if you have anger attacks, you will not have a good time.

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What it is necessary

What it is necessaryIt is concluded So, we hope, you already understood, dear parents, if want to have the healthy child, it is necessary to take care of it while it yet that that was not born but only it is predicted, having provided all necessary for improvement of your organisms.

What it is necessary to emphasize once againThe first and, likely, the most important the child should be nursed as it is possible more long while there is a milk; it will save it from a set of troubles and at children's age, and then when it becomes adults.

The second a food both pregnant, and feedin and, of course, the child should be the most various that will allow not only to provide an organism with all necessary substances, but also will prevent allergy development.

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Without reminders

Without reminders Issis it was immediately involved in food, the N when seemed that it ceases to eat, to Ivette asked to deliver again carefully a plate before it, without giving any comments.

Without reminders that it should eat, Issis of g pleasure returned to the plate in the course of conversation When it stopped, Ivette G.

We eat ! to asked to ask You gorged on instead of more rigid phrase You finishedDuring some moments it was a little difficult, the N to me was necessary to bite to itself tongue when she played the fool and Ivette later told.

On in comparison with the previous process of food intake it estimated the on points from possible Within the next two weeks Ivette should estimate the nervousness on a tenmark scale after each process of reception of a niche.

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