Putting And then, when the head will appear again, exclaimYes here it! Exercise performance bicycle when you put on panties the kid, serves as good training for muscles of the child and learns it to help you during this moment.

Putting on a boot, tickle to the kid, to his pleasure, a leg he will stretch it to you once again more willingly.

When you put on trousers the child, it, helping you, itself will lift a foot and when will see that you are going to put on it a shirt will take aside a hand.

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DependingFrom grain products use white white stale yesterday's loaf, white crackers, not rich cookies, a biscuit.

I peep to children sick with HG with normal or increased secretion of a stomach, it is desirable to salt insufficiently a little, and spices are necessary for excluding in general.

Depending on age of the child it is recommended to include in a daily food allowance daily ml of milk, g of butter, g of vegetable oil, g of sugar, g of fresh fruit, g of potatoes, g of vegetables, g of grain including pasta, g of white bread including all types of bakery products.

times a week on g a day give cottage cheese, not strong cheese use those days when in the menu there are no cottage cheese dishes.

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Use i and meatkostnikh

Use i and meatkostnikhFor children till years it is best of all to cook first courses on a basis i, fish, i broths, and also milk to which in i ratios add various vegetables, grain, pasta.

Use i and meatkostnikh of broths is undesirable, as they contain very large number i i the substances rendering expressed, n as coffee, exciting action on nervous system.

For the same purposes after that, Rebenkl as meat, the chicken or fish began to boil, it is necessary to merge the first broth, and meat to fill in with boiling water and to cook soup already on the second broth.

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Let not home, but only

Let not home, but only Ma is ready to make a compromise with the manager or the nurse, he even asks the nurse.

let not home, but only that would withdraw it from group that took away quickly from these not able to behave children.

No, he does not want and cannot be on friendly terms with them.

It are importunate, intolerable and sting more feasibly than a swarm of bees.

Was at home how more simply, when he spent all days one.

As soon as your kid will manage to come into at last ny contacts in the group, all shifts adaptable yes will begin to decline and it will be an important step to a zaver to a sheniye of all process of adaptation at your child.

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How you think, whether

How you think, whether If you have a child with the increased inquiries, whether it can satisfy his requirements In this case, probably, you should pay more.

How you think, whether it is necessary to carry the child on hands What, how it seems to you, it is most of all necessary for the child in it a cart raising If you will be assured of care and flexibility of the candidate, you will have a feeling that you can entrust this person of the child.

Pay attention, how the nurse behaves with the child naturally or all this is affected.

It is important, as the child behaves with it.

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