Being based

Being based Generally speakin vomiting something is in any case better socalled than dry vomiting.

Step the fifth restore a normal diet.

Being based on you a diarrhea razhennost, a condition of the child and a doctor's advice, approximately in h after an initiation of treatment you can pass to half diluted with solution of electrolits to baby food, in h to normal baby food, and between and h to a former diet of the child, continuing to feed within several days him in often and small portions.

Before the complete termination of a diarrhea do not give to the child of cow milk, replacing it with yogurt.

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The fibber

The fibber Look, how it covers a mouth with a hand, even two, probably, trying to stop such way a stream of words of lie.

Here he looks away from you, strenuously blinks.

Whether signals of his eyes as if .

Pupils are narrowed and extend.

It is raised.

On cheeks at it a flush.

The fibber exaggerates everything.

It is inconsistent, and in the head its continuous confusion.

Apparently, it not under prepared for deception, and preparation an important detail, truthfully enters a cat of paradise into a role.

The role is possible also if your kid is able to operate the emotions which are giving out a lie.

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Your experiences

Your experiences Do not worry because of a disorder while your child learns to eat independently, and do not wipe it constantly.

The ego will make a situation intense and will lead to emergence of a vicious circle.

Years should create a disorder to study.

Your experiences about it should not be reflected in children.

Small How to make food intake pleasant pastimeThe food is remarkable possibility in order that allmembers of the family spent time together and talked, so try.

at least, sometimes is together if it is possible.

Good habits concerning food.

acquired in the childhood,can turn into healthy habits on all life.

Food and food process Involvement of your children to cooking will increase their interest to new, unfamiliar food.

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Give it a spoon, and to itself

Give it a spoon, and to itself It not the whim and not prank, means, time simply came to allow it to boss a spoon independently.

Give it a spoon, and to itself take another, and let the kid accustoms.

After several attempts obviously not too successful he will think that Edited and published on a site PRESSI HERSONit is not enough to have a spoon in a hand, it is necessary to be able to use it.

Here your help is required.

Show it, as it is correct to address with a spoon to inform it to a mouth and not to spill, not to spill out food.

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You the viewer. You the partner, you a performance

You the viewer. You the partner, you a performanceThe child wants to separate at the same time from the adult, de intoxicating I!, and at the same time not to lose more and more necessary for it emo tsionalny communication with parents.

Any naive chy.

It seems to you that you already especially are not necessary to it, after all every day and hour the kid emphasizes it.

But glance those in depth.

Without you to it not to manage.

You the viewer.

You the partner, you a performance character, together with a peculiar assistant producer, where main rezhisEgo Majesty the Child!.

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