It is possible

It is possible From the received weight to form and to weld them on a water bath.

Meat cottage cheese eggs piece I, butter g.

CUTLETS CHICKEN PARONYEFrom a breast and legs of chicken to skin, remove sinews, films and to prepare from chicken meat and soaked wrungout white loaf kotletny weight, to create cutlets and to boil on pair.

It is possible to put them in the oiled small pan, to add a little water and, having densely closed a cover, to put it in a big pan with boiled water.

To boil to readiness minutes.

Meat chicken bread white milk ml.

CUTLETS MEAT PARONYEMeat to pass through a meat grinder, to mix with soaked in water and wrungout white loaf, once again to pass through a meat grinder, to shake up, gradually adding cold water, to create cutlets.


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